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Applicatoins: Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumps


 Solar Water Pump



Solar Water Pumps are best suitable to run systems for water pumping in irrigation in remote areas or where electricity has frequent outage. With the use of Solar reliable supply of water can be achieved over a long period to power tube wells with submersible and surface pumps.
We can design Systems of any size and any type from a small pumping system for individuals up to a water supply for several villages - Off-Grid Solar PV systems are the best long term solution with the best cost-performance ratio for agriculture and clean drinking water with purification systems all powered by Solar PV.


  • Easier to set up
  • Zero running costs
  • Perfect to use in remote locations
  • Great for the environment
  • Less noise
  • Constant Use and Timer Mode settings.
  • Automatically recharging battery back-up. 
  • Fully charged battery allows for 4 hours of use without sunlight. 
  • Variable flow control. 
  • 800LPH Brushless pump motor for optimal efficiency and reliability
  • Designed for outside use. 
  • Solar panel stand designed for soft or hard flat surfaces. 
  • Estimated next working day delivery 


Solar Water Pumps