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Products: Solar LED Street Light

Solar LED Street Light












Materials and Finish

Materials: ACD12 Aluminium die casting (100% recycled)
Finish: Double layers powder coated aluminium and PMMA reflector
Beam angle :140°(Lateral)70°(Vertical )  or 
100°(Lateral)80°(Vertical )  

Models & Main Spec

Model LED Type Power Lumens Solar Panel Battery(WH)
AI-U15W Osram3030 72Pcs 15W 2280lm 18V  45W 11.1V 170WH
AI-U20W Osram3030 72Pcs 20W 2680lm 18V  60W 11.1V 240WH
AI-U30W Osram3030 72Pcs 30W 3850lm 18V  80W 11.1V 360WH
AI-U40W Osram3030 72Pcs 40W 5100lm 18V  110W 11.1V 480WH
AI-U45W Osram3030 72Pcs 45W 5600lm 18V 120W 11.1V 500WH
AI-U45W Osram3030 72Pcs 50W 6200lm 18V 140W 11.1V 540WH