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We are the real producer of solar power energy. We are Providing the solar products in all over the world at very competative prices

Products: Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner

Free Cool on Grid DC Inverter solar air-conditioner 


100%solar energy, no electricity, environmental Specifications ( BTU: 9000)

1.100% energy save by using pure solar power need any electricity

DC inverter ductless split air conditioners for home using 100% Solar Powered Air Conditioner Main features:

Off-grid mode

 * 100% driven by solar energy, 100% energy saving

 * 48V DC power drive, no inverter required, no AC power require

 * Deep cycle batteries as energy bank for overnight operation, over 8 hours’ back up time. 

 * DC inverter permanent magnet compressors

 * DC brushless indoor and outdoor fan motors

 * Lowest energy consumption, lowest noise level

 * Lowest energy loss, SEER>19

 * R134a CFC free refrigerant, Eco-friendly

 * Short investment recovery period (1-3 years)

 * Solar-mains power hybrid mode optional. When the energy in batteries is not enough to drive solar air conditioner (voltage < 45V), you can use a power adapter to drive solar air conditioner. The power adapter can transfer 220V/110V AC power to 48V DC for solar air conditioner using. Under hybrid mode, you can run 24Hr. per day without too much investment in solar panels and batteries. In addition, you can use the power adapter as a batteries charger