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Solar On-Grid

Solar On-Grid


On-Grid system



Using renewable energy on the grid avoids most, if not all, of the disadvantages of being off grid. The utility is like a big, 100% efficient battery that can absorb all your surplus energy. In addition, you can lean on it as hard as you want to for as much additional electricity as you might need. If you can’t afford a renewable-electric system large enough to supply all your needs, you can install whatever portion you can afford. If you’re off grid, you have to make it all, one way or another, and if you’re strapped for cash when you’re putting in your system, you’ll end up making a lot of it with fossil fuels. When the grid uses fossil fuels, at least it uses them more efficiently, and with less noise and pollution than a home generator.
With grid-tied renewable energy systems, there is no absolute need to conserve electricity or change your lifestyle. You can choose to live the same way you lived before you installed an RE system. Your system will offset some or all of your usage, and your daily life can continue unchanged.
If you decide on a grid-tied system with battery backup, you can have the best (and some of the worst) of both worlds: You can have the independence and backup of a stand-alone system, still be able to use at least some energy during utility outages, and have the ability to sell your excess energy to the grid.
For all these system types, investing in a PV system also means locking in the long-term pricing of your electricity. With a photovoltaic system, you are buying 40 to 50 years of electricity at a fixed price, while maintaining the benefits of being on grid.



 What we offer :

complete system design and installation including:

  • Solar panels 
  • On-Grid inverter
  • Accessories ( Cables - C.B - MC4 Connectors-.......)