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Solar greenhouse

Solar greenhouse

The tinted solar PV glass affect plant growth in the greenhouse

The PV glass both absorbs and reflects the IR light spectrum, so that the excess heat is reflected in summer and retained in the winter - this gives a more stabilized growing environment. Also, the PV cuts out the negative scorching effects of UV light on plants. The high red light spectrum transmission of the PV glass (~40%) is what is required for photosynthesis, therefore although the overall light reaching the plants is reduced there is limited impact on overall plant growth.

Fit payment

The electricity generated can be fed back into the house to power the home and is currently eligible for Government Feed-in-Tariff subsidies for the electricity generated. Hence the greenhouse will both reduce your energy bills and generate an income for 25 years.

Environmental impact of the solar greenhouse

Thin-film Solar PV is one of the most environmentally friendly renewable energy generation technologies available. Our CO2 emissions from manufacturing is recouped in less than 2 years and the PV modules contains no harmful or rare chemicals. Our PV glass is a functional building material, so there is no additional material used in the greenhouse.